About Pro Motion Rehab & Wellness Center

Established in 1998 Pro Motion Rehab and Wellness Center relocated to Murphy, NC in December 2006. We are a family owned and therapist operated facility. Using state of the art equipment and individualized attention to gain more effective results we specialize in programs designed for each individual based on their particular needs and goals.

Our programs combine the unique power of ...

Cold Laser
is used to promote healing, this occurs on a cellular level and the benefits are multiple.

Active Therapeutic Movement 2 provides immediate and long-lasting benefits to many back, neck, shoulder, pelvis, hip, and knee sufferers.  It consists of active neuro-muscular movements superimposed upon a specific passive holding aimed to immediately alter symptoms, by affecting the Central Nervous System. The ATM2® is a clinical tool designed to enable effective results.

Biodex Isokinetic Machine and Biodex Balance System SD
Biodex offers concussion, fall screening and balance assessment and training programs designed to complement the Balance System SD and BioSway diagnostic units. Physical therapy and rehabilitation products are vital components in the treatment of balance disorders and neurological disorders.

Anodyne® Infrared Therapy Systems are medical devices that are indicated to increase circulation
and reduce pain, stiffness, and muscle spasm

a non-surgical therapy which involves stretching the spine, using a traction table with the goal of relieving back pain or leg pain.

Spider Taping and McConnell Taping
It acts to enhance or aide in the body’s natural healing mechanisms, it targets the body’s natural receptors and maintains effects on these receptors following treatments in our Clinic. The possible effects on the body include increased blood flow to an injured region, increased nutrient absorption, decreased swelling, better control over muscle contractions, decreased pain, and faster healing.

We also exclusively provide Don Joy Braces for patients or clients with a specific need.
DonJoy is a leading brand in sports medicine products that support and protect your body. DonJoy braces are designed by renown bioengineers who only use state-of-the-art materials. DonJoy braces, supports and therapy for the knee, ankle, elbow, back, wrist and shoulder braces

Physical Therapy at Pro Motion Rehab & Wellness Center Relieves Pain, Promotes improved Free Motion, Increases Strength and Subsequent Balance, Improves Vestibular and Proprioceptive Awareness, Reduces or Eliminates Vertigo, Educates on Safe, Proper, and Effective Ways of Exercising, Improves Overall Physical Performance, Reduces or Prevents Falls and Assists with Headache Management by using the skill, education, training, and knowledge of Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants as well as ancillary services.

Does a Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant Require Special Training or Knowledge?

YES! The Typical Physical Therapist goes to school for 6-8 years consisting of college, graduate, professional, and/or doctoral training.

A Physical Therapist Assistant requires at least 2 to 3 years of college to obtain an Associate’s Degree. Both PT’s and PTA’s are state board licensed before being permitted to enter into practice.

The Therapists at Pro Motion Rehab & Wellness Center can treat:
1.  TMJ
2.  Sprains or Strains
3.  Back Problems / Pain
4.  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
5.  Dizziness / BPPV / Vertigo / Vestibular / Balance Issues
6.  Fibromyalgia / Muscle Pain
7.  Migraines & Headaches
8.  Work or Auto Related Injuries
 9.  Golf or Sports Related Injuries
10. Shoulder Pain or Problems
11. Knee Osteoarthritis
12. Weakness / Fatigue
13. Elbow / Wrist / Hand Pain
14. Neck Pain
15. Knee / Hip Pain
16. Ankle Pain / Injuries
17. Decreased/Limited Endurance
18. Capsular Restrictions / Limited Movement
19. Prevention Awareness & Testing for Falls
20. Concussion Baseline & Follow-up Testing
21. Recent joint replacement, arthroscopic surgery, or procedure that limits your function

Following the completion of Physical Therapy we offer an exclusive 30 Day FREE trial of our gym under the supervision of a personal advisor that assists the individual on how to use each piece of equipment and track their progress. While utilizing the gym there will be several professionals / therapists available to assure that the exercises on the various pieces of equipment are being done safely and correctly.

Your Patients will love the results they get from the treatments provided by our caring staff of professionals. If you have any questions, please call during our regular business hours 828-837-0400 and one of our courteous staff will do their best to find an answer. We sincerely appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have to offer that will enhance our services.

It is our goal to provide individualized care while effectively improving the outcomes of Physician’s efforts. If we have accomplished this goal, please continue to use our services. If we have not, please let us know.

Pro Motion Rehab and Wellness Center
Murphy, NC

Our Promise to Physicians and Other Referral Sources

Our Promise to Physicians and Other Referral Sources

More Convenience to You
We accept most insurance plans and any type of patient. Whether you want ortho, intense shoulder rehab, balance, peripheral neuropathy, TMJ, certified hand therapy, massage, etc. we will deliver the care your patient’s need.

Same Day Appointments
You can make urgent requests to us and we’ll do everything within our power to make it happen. Our unique system and staff allows for urgent cases to be seen same day.

You Won’t Be Undermined
We’ll contact you first before ever saying or doing anything that may give the patient a reason to disbelieve, distrust, or doubt your consult or orders.

Status & Progress Reports
They will come timely PRIOR to the patient’s follow-up visit with you.

We’ll Pursue Higher Learning
To ensure our proficiency in performing the most advanced forms of treatment available.

We’ll Promote You
In our community newsletter, website, and promotions as well as place any of your materials in our office’s community board. We hope to get to know you so we can recommend you highly.

Consider It Done
With our diversified staff and creative approach to care, no request is too big and nothing is impossible. Whatever the request and with the cooperation of your patient or staff, we’ll get it done.

We’ll Keep You Abreast
With our monthly Newsletter we will impart information regarding the most advanced forms of physical therapy treatments available for your patients.

We Welcome Criticism
The information imparted to us is always viewed as an opportunity to improve.

We Use 3rd Party Feedback Services
To keep us and/or our staff accountable and ensure excellence in care we encourage patient feedback on our website as well as 3rd party websites such as Yelp and Facebook.

a message from our owner ...

I believe… I should strive to provide an above average service in a friendly caring atmosphere that will make people feel comfortable and cared for… I Love Physical Therapy because I get an opportunity to affect a positive change in someone’s life that would allow them to return to doing the things they love doing. 

I Love my wife, my 2 beautiful daughters and our home in the mountains of North Carolina. I enjoy being outdoors, hunting, fishing, hiking, target shooting, exploring, camping, studying my Bible and participating in Bible related studies, and any activities that allows me to spend time with my family. 

I truly feel Blessed
Randy Veroline

At Pro Motion Rehab, we provide Individualized attention to each patient entrusted to our care by the
Physicians we serve. The Physicians that refer to Pro Motion Rehab have come to recognize the value of the Individualized attention by our positive patient feedback and positive outcomes we produce. As a group of highly educated and trained professionals, we strive to provide the BEST possible care using the latest technology available to us while addressing the problems presented by each patient’s individual situation. As a patient coming to Pro Motion Rehab, you can expect results and relief, Guaranteed! 

By treating each patient as an individual we can provide a customized treatment that best suits them while offering the attention of the Therapist assigned to treat that person that day. This means you will not be treated as a paycheck but as a person with definite needs and concerns. From the moment you enter our facility until the time you leave; you will be given the dignity, respect, and attention you deserve. As we become more familiar with each individual we anticipate a professional friendly relationship will form and you will feel right at home coming to our facility. That is why our motto “Come As A Patient, Leave As A Friend” is so important to our staff. We truly feel we are making friend’s one patient at a time while maintaining the professional relationship between therapist and patient. 

We appreciate you taking the time to review this information and considering Pro Motion Rehab & Wellness Center for all your therapy needs. Your satisfaction is our reward!!

Pro Motion Rehab and Wellness Center
Murphy, NC

Do I need a referral for Physical Therapy?

Do I need a referral for Physical Therapy? 

In many states, Physical Therapists have what is known as ‘direct access’ meaning, patients can legally see them directly, without referral. However, some insurance companies require referral in order to pay.

Physical therapy is always a good option, for an evaluation, to see if the PT can give you treatment options. Physical Therapy is often a good first step. If symptoms can be resolved with PT, then the other procedures and potential side effects can be avoided.

Referral to Physical Therapy should be in writing and signed by the primary provider. Referral can come from a family physician, an internal medicine physician, a urologist, an OB/ GYN, a surgeon, a Physician’s Assistant, a Nurse Practitioner and any other medical specialist.