Anodyne Therapy

Anodyne Therapy

Anodyne Therapy is an infrared light therapy device, FDA Cleared to reduce pain, stiffness and muscle spasm and increase local circulation.

Anodyne® Infrared Therapy Systems are used in a clinical setting by numerous health care professionals such as, Therapists, Nurses, MD's, DO's, Podiatrists, Chiropractors, and Nurses for improved patient outcomes.

Patients looking for a non-invasive treatment alternative to drugs for pain and poor circulation can also receive the benefit of infrared and heat therapy treatment in the comfort of home with our effective and affordable Anodyne® Therapy home systems. Anodyne Therapy is patented in the United States, Canada and Europe.

The Anodyne Therapy System is a non-invasive way to increase circulation and reduce pain. Anodyne Therapy can help restore sensation in the feet of diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathy, along with improving walking patterns and balance.

Anodyne Therapy’s innovative technology 

The Anodyne Therapy System uses near-infrared light to release nitric oxide, a powerful vasodilator, from red blood cells. The localized release of nitric oxide improves nerve function and is also important for growing new blood vessels and skin cells necessary for wound healing.

Who can benefit from Anodyne Therapy?

Individuals with numbness or pain in their feet or legs combined with difficulty with gait or balance abnormalities can benefit. However, people with diabetes and peripheral vascular disease (PVD) and chronic wounds are most likely to benefit.
Anodyne Therapy has improved abilities for patients with:

Diabetic neuropathy
Carpal tunnel/tarsal tunnel
Chronic wounds
Bone Spurs
Chronic pain
Degenerative disc disease
Contractures/frozen shoulder
Plantar fascitis

Anodyne® Therapy is an infrared therapy device that can be applied in direct skin contact 
to any area of the body and is: 
Clinically proven (19 published studies)
An effective alternative to prescription medication
Available in Professional or Consumer use systems

Anodyne® Therapy Has Helped Thousands of Patients Just Like You!

Prior to experiencing relief with Anodyne Therapy treatments, many of our patients had ‘tried everything’ with no significant relief.

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Pain Management

Pain Management with the use of Iontophoresis and Phonophoresis

Iontophoresis is an effective short-term treatment for inflammatory problems occurring in damaged muscles and tendons, which simply calms down the inflammation to the point where healing of the affected area can take place.  This treatment involves the use of an electrical field to deliver medication through the skin and into underlying tissues. The medication is charged so that it’s pushed into the skin by an active electrode, and its molecules are small enough that it “soaks” into the affected area.

Iontophoresis and phonophoresis are technologies that are capable of enhancing drug penetration through the skin.

Phonophoresis uses ultrasonic waves to transmit molecules of drug through the skin, as opposed to iontophoresis, which uses low level electric current. Both techniques are used to treat inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, bursitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Iontophoresis: Many ionic drugs are available including several antivirals, various antibiotics, and other specific drugs. Iontophoresis of ionized drugs provided a 20-60 fold increase in penetration over topical application.

Examples of successful applications of iontophoresis include:
•    treatment of inflammation / pain of muscles and tendons
•    rapid, noninvasive local anesthesia
•    relief of heel pain
•    controlling the pain
•    relief of pain from rheumatoid arthritis
•    relief of pain associated with plantar fasciitis
•    improvement of jaw function in TMJ Patients
•    an alternative to steroid injections
•    treatment for scar and tendon adhesions

Phonophoresis combines ultrasound with topical drug therapy to achieve therapeutic drug concentrations at target sites below the skin. A gel containing medications such as corticosteroids, local anesthetics, electrolytes, or antibiotics is applied to the treatment area and then massaged with a transducer head. The technique has been widely used in sports medicine since the 1960s by podiatrists, orthopedists, and physical therapists.

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